Pershore Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre is located on the first floor of Pershore Town Hall on the High Street (a lift is available for disabled visitors). Look for the Georgian soldier outside the building! It comprises two rooms of displays, and a series of files containing supporting study material.


OPENING TIMES - Easter to end of October

Wednesday/Thursday 10.30am-3.30pm

Friday 10.30am-1.00pm

Saturday 11.00-2.00pm

The Centre is closed for the winter, and will re-open in mid April 2019.

The Heritage Centre contains a varied collection of objects, memorabilia, history, and social history mostly related to Pershore and surrounding villages. Associated study material such as documents, photographs, notes, and family histories are held in over 100 folders in the smaller room and are available for visitors to consult. New folders were purchased thanks to our HLF-funded project, WW1 in the Vale. We would like residents, new incomers, and visitors to think of PHC as a useful local resource.

The Heritage Centre is staffed by members of PHHS who will be pleased to offer any help they can, and will try to answer any queries. If you would be interested in joining the Society, and then becoming involved in the Heritage Centre as a steward, please see the Contacts page.

A number of books on local history are available to purchase, including collections of photographs compiled by the late Marion Freeman, a past chairperson of the Society.

Pershore Heritage Centre is an important local resource for all the community, and we need your support. Our aim for 2018 is to engage with more local people, particularly schools and heritage groups.

If any teachers would be interested in working with us on local history projects do please get in touch.


PHC re-opened on 4 April. We had a very busy few months during the winter putting new displays into place for 2018, and the space has been re-organised.

Souvenirs and Remembrance: Pershore before, during and after the Great War

A new exhibition features two extraordinary decades in the history of Pershore, from the end of the 19th-century and the Boer War to the Great War and its aftermath. Stories of Pershore's men and women, shopkeepers and tradespeople, are told through artefacts, photographs, written memories and new research.

Archaeology and Trades

A new display features some of the objects found locally, from fossils to footwear.

A medieval cooking pot was recycled as ... you'll have to visit to find out!

Children's shoes and other items found in a house in Newlands were hidden behind a hearth, but why were they hidden?

If anyone has any information about objects that have been found in Pershore, perhaps while digging the garden, or during house renovations, please do contact us. Pottery and clay tobacco pipes are often amongst the items found in gardens or in connection with former public houses.

Trades represented include cabinet-making tools and a collection of shoemaking tools. We would love to hear from people who still own an old item made in the town - perhaps by the blacksmith at 102 High Street, or Cosnett the cabinet maker on the High Street.

We would be interested to hear stories about houses or tradespeople that used to be in the town, or the people who lived in streets and houses that no longer exist - and if you have any photos that you'd allow us to copy for the PHC that would be brilliant.

More details about other displays to follow.